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There are several games and applications where you need to regularly tap on the screen and perform the action. However, it could be pretty frustrating to click the mouse over and over again. If you’re also going through this phase, then Auto Clicker will be the perfect solution for you. 

In this blog, we’ll thoroughly discuss the new AutoClicker software application, how it works, its features, and much more. 

What is Auto Clicker?

Auto-Clicker is a macro or software that can automate the repetitive clicking of the mouse on various devices. It’s a simple program that records your mouse clicks and stores the pattern to further repeat whenever required. 

Auto-clicker can work alongside other applications and inputs from the user. You can automate an entire set of keyboard inputs and apply them all with a single trigger. Moreover, the user can enable response towards both the keyboard and conditional reactions. 

The auto clicker has various applications in multiple areas like gaming, data entry applications, software testing, and more. 

Auto Clicker

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What does an Auto Clicker do?​

As discussed earlier, an auto clicker creates the macro of the key combinations you press on the keyboard, which you can automate at different rates as per your convenience. Although any software will do the same thing, the newly released Auto clicker performs this automation with peak precision. 

The app is a simple program or a piece of code that mimics your keyboard or mouse without causing any issues. Unlike other programs, this one gives you various customization options for the UI, which helps you implement complex features in just a few clicks. 

Talking about the working, it reads your RAM and finds out the programs that require a direct change in the values of the program elements. Once identified, you can activate the set of clicks on your desirable software/ application alongside the actual inputs.

For example, you can program the auto clicker to simulate a set of “space” bar clicks whenever the offline game Chrom browser appears. Now, the only thing you need to do is start the simulation and see your little dinosaur getting the highest points. 

How does an Auto Clicker Work?

The working of an auto clicker can be categorized in different stages:

Recording: After launching the program, enter the inputs manually and record the whole process from the app itself. Now, enter the clicks and positions you want to repeat and stop by pressing the square icon. 

Types of Icons: Auto clicker also provides you different sets, so that you can tune multiple click rates. You can also customize the numerical and alphabetical as a macro. 

Rate of clicks: Next is the rate of these clicks. Based on your action, you can implement the single, double, or triple-click event on the device over multiple applications. Auto clicker also mimics the signal of the keyboard and mouse on your computer every moment you trigger the pattern.

Click delay: Based on your preferences, you can also delay the time between different clicks and disguise the game engine as human input. Also, you can increase the randomization of the click or delay time as per the requirements. 

Is the use of Auto Clicker safe for my computer?

Yes, Auto Clicker is safe for your computer and other devices. It doesn’t send or receive any information on the network except a few essential updates. 

The computer only replicates the clicks on the device and not on a network. However, some games might consider auto clickers as cheating. Any mechanical advantage user gets in a game is marked as cheating. You can delay the click-time if any game starts showing warning messages.

Features of Auto Clicker

Below are some of the best features of Auto clicker:

  • User Interface

The auto clicker has a simple and efficient UI that eliminates the difficulty of navigating through different options. You can customize and switch features in a few clicks. 

  • AutoStart

Auto clicker also comes with an AutoStart feature that allows the app to open and trigger the click events in your OS. That allows the users to save time and skip the hassle of activating the program again and again.

  • Limitless clicks

The app is free, which means you can get unlimited inputs out of the software. Not a single feature is behind the paywall. 

  • More than a single click

Auto clicker also supports the double and triple clicks at your convenience. so, start experimenting with a different set of clicks and find the one that fits your taste.

  • Any button, anywhere

After successfully recording your clicks and setting the right time for the implementation, you can add the trigger button on any part of the screen. 

  • Program your hotkeys

Hotkeys are the special buttons that you can open or close while playing a game or working on other applications. You can use different key combinations on different games. 

Things You Need to Know Before Starting

Before you start with the auto clicker application, you should familiarize yourself with the following options:
  • Click Interval: It’s the time interval between two clicks, which is 100 milliseconds by default.
  • Click Options: Here, you can set the click type(single or double) and choose the mouse button like the middle, the right, and the left one.
  • Click Repeat: Use this feature to fill the number of clicks after which you want the implementation to stop.
  • Cursor Position: The cursor position is the main point where you can position your mouse and pick that location for click automation.
  • Hotkey Settings: The option is present at the bottom left corner with the name ‘OP Auto Clicker Window.’ Here, you can change the start and stop times for the Hotkey buttons. 
  • Record & Playback: This option is best suited for software testing applications. You can record the click sequence by clicking on the red buttons and replay the process using the green Playback button. 

Getting Started with Auto Clicker

Below are the details to operate an OP Auto clicker or any other program for that matter:
  1. Set the time intervals between different clicks from the click intervals.
  2. Select the click type and mouse button you want to automate.
  3. Select the number of times you want to repeat the automated clicks.
  4. Set the XY coordinates and put the cursor on the current location.
  5. At last, press F6 and start the automation process or press the Hotkey that you’ve changed from the settings.

How to Use Auto Clicker (Video)