How Auto Clicker Works

How Auto Clicker Works?

Auto Clicker is a simple program that allows the user to implement different click sequences on various applications on your device. It saves your energy spent clicking on multiple applications by implementing a fake tapping sequence on your device.

People who like to play idle clicker games like Minecraft need to press specific keys many times per second. For example, a player has to click many times to break the wall and acquire resources from the surroundings.

Now, this might look like a normal task, but it can seriously damage your finger joints if continued for an extended period. So, for such users, we suggest the new Auto clicker capable of simulating fake clicks in almost any gaming environment. Let’s understand the working of this program and learn how to use it.

How Auto Clicker Works?

As described earlier, Auto Clicker is a software program that implements pre-recorded click sequences to fake the human input in any application. The program was initially used by the games to improve their performance and gain extra resources. But now, it’s also used to automate tasks such as data entry and software testing.

Simply put, the auto clicker is a program that records your click sequence and repeats it when needed. The tapping performed on different locations is stored in the form of log files, which you can implement by pressing various hotkeys.

On Auto Clicker, the user can alter the click rates and limit the number of clicks per second. There are a few games resistant against such a program and might even ban your account from the interface. However, you can easily doge such problems using these features. Also, you can set different hotkeys for the events in case the default trigger seems to be pressed in other operations.

How to use Auto Clicker?

  1. Visit the official website and download the application from the device options available.
  2. Once downloaded, install the application and provide all the administrative privileges you see in the dialog box.
  3. Now, set the location where you want the auto clicker to store all the log files and finish the process. A shortcut icon will be created on the desktop.
  4. Record the inputs you want to simulate and repeat for different applications. Also, set other parameters such as click rate, time delay, and click type.
  5. At last apply the changes and link the recorded event with a specific hotkey/trigger button. Trigger the event anytime you need it and improve your performance almost instantly.

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